BMW 4. Body repair, work with metal. Ремонт кузова, работа с металом.

The quarter panel replacement and front part body repair.
Замена заднего крыла и ремонт переда.

Группа в контакте: геометрия-кузова-минск Предлагает полный цикл восстановления аварийных автомобилей: покраска + геометрия кузова на шаблонном стапеле SPANESI (3000 моделей). Есть кузовные размеры американского рынка по 2017 год. Подбор краски. Помощь в покупке запчастей. Работа со страховыми случаями. Форма оплаты любая. +375-25-7101144, Viber, WhatsApp
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now back to Europe as imported from Germany,perfect condition
Natanael Alieida
Muito bom cara vc e um jenio vc tem um dom
Молодец,вот что значит руки золотые)))
I am most impressed with the gaps . I’ve had work on my cars done before and have had like a solid half inch difference in gaps . Aurtor , please come to the US and open a shop lol
Brockton Iwaoka
This level of collision repair always amazes me. I am obsessed with seeing how it’s done. Anyway, awesome work!
Always garage kept, car was from an old lady, I wish you many save miles sir....
Agaric Use
Не бит, не крашен, бабушка по выходным в церковь ездила, да да
Salvage yards in the United States would go out of business with Arthur. Definitely a monster in his craft. Thank you Arthur for showing us your magic.
Спасенные дворы в Соединенных Штатах выйдут из бизнеса с Артуром. Определенно, монстр в своем ремесле. Спасибо Артур за то, что он показал нам свою магию.. thanks to google translate.
Arthur is a legend 🙌
These BMW is ready to go into a metal press´s creazy to repair these ruin...In Germany nobody repair thes BMW
ага потом шелков спишет это говно в автохлам
Obsidian Black
I hope that all the donor parts was legal parts. I live near the border germany/czech republik... so much cars are stolen just to disassemble it and sold as donor parts
Опасный тип...
Gary Ugarek
Arthur, I can watch your videos for hours. You should come to the states and either open a shop or a school

Then maybe our wrecked cars will look as good, most American shops are crap!
Качественный ремонт. Только с учётом всей хуйни которую надо восстановить, всё это встанет в цену половину новой машины.
rmso rmso
I see a lot of comments eluding to the idea that these cars are being sold without disclosing that they were in an accident. Here in the states these cars are bought at insurance auctions with a salvage title. Then they are either used for parts or repaired and sold with a salvage title. All you have to do is look up the VIN and you can see photos of the damage before you buy. I have personally bought two vehicles with salvage titles and I was very happy with both of them. You can buy a $20k car that looks like new for $10k. It's actually a great way to own a car or truck that you wouldn't normally be able to afford otherwise. Especially if you have someone like this guy (Arthur) doing the work. This guy is a skilled craftsman and I wouldn't hesitate to own one of the vehicles that he repaired.
bronco Clement
Awsone, Thank you Arthur for showing us your magic
Christophe Godfirnon
Insurances rule.
Trash can. Safety disaster.
BMW agreement for this work ?
Roland Doucet
You work very well sir, and the results are amazing.
José D. Muzetti
You is de best!! I like so much your videos. Congratulations!!
Дизайн Студия Мебель
мужик конечно красава,но покупашке потом попандос с этим авто
A0C 8169
Ricardo Pope
What catches me most is your very precise detail work and very little use of filler. Lots of body repair guys actually build back panels with filler
arhtur.. im respect your work..
only i my country it is not good.
i go look 2 the next movie
Dallas does
Absolutely amazing work ,this guy Arthur is a genius body repair God, thats me subscribed and hooked !! When do we see the finished car ?
зур малай
руки из правильного места, жестянщик хороший на вес золота.не то что некоторые на герметик и на пену монтажную посадили, и машина не бита не крашена.
If I was a squillionaire, and crashed my car I would freight it to this master to be properly repaired 🙂
Pycak Pycak
Все путем! (На заметку- заднее крыло на английском, называется- quarter panel)
oswaldo garcia
Hey eres un experto necesito q me arregles el mío saludos des nyc att ozzy
Dhammika Gunawardena
Thanks, Arthur, I have studied a lot.. Great Job
sajjad ahmad
One small suggestion kindly mention repearing cost as well with every car
Easy Lucky
perfect job on every car, like always
I'm impressed how good you are (Y)
Chunky Munky
If thinking of buying for yrself and repaire for you but as an imsurance job...surely a car with that much damage would be a right off. Clearly not in this case..
Евгений Погожев
Не бита не крашена... пробег оригинальный... ездила девушка
Кузовная мастерская
Артур как всегда - творит чудеса ....👍👍👍
Tremendous work, if I do not see it, it's hard to believe "Great Teacher" 👍👍
Jack Eventreur
Amazing job, congratulations ;)
Amr El Ashry
Russian are one of the best hand work 💪
Ger Dik
Very impressive metal work, Arthur! It's a great joy watching your videos.
Maybe Someday
"... this part will be taken from the stolen, I mean donor car..."
Alejandro Vizcaíno
Chingon.... México 🇲🇽 saludos👏👍
mały purwinski
Wot i Moskwwicza pomieniali na Bmw. Takaja miechanizacja pa Rusku😜🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
A masterpiece. Thank you for the video
John Romaine
Be interesting to crash test one of these repaired vehicles.
Молодец. Красава. Поражаюсь вашими работами:-)
Thunder sl
This man is an artist, great work

Sou do Brasil....
Conheço vários especialistas assim como você em recuperação de veículos.....
Eu afirmo que você é muito bom no que você faz....
É um verdadeiro técnico....
Você está de parabéns......
Já é um professor.....
Infelizmente não falo Russo.
Um grande abraço....
É sempre um prazer ver você realizando seus trabalhos.
Alejandro Saldarriaga C.
It is very technical work at least, but I'll never buy a rapaired car. Great work you are very good
Chazy East
Welding without protection, only Legends can do that.
Mario Moreno
You should be Body master best guy in the scene rn 💯
apper cumstock
This one got me confused with all the bent parts which had to be fixed, oef...
Amazing skills, possible the best body man alive. Thank you Arthur
arthur you do amaizing work i love it ,cars should be repaired, we live in a throw away society
davie locker
this is what some of the stuff i learned in high school they no longer do it for the younger generation,love your work your an artist of metal i bet you be a great teacher too..p.s im from n,y..
Retired Snowbird
In my mind is that he repairs all the damage, doesn't just cover it with bondo or leave it if it doesn't show....
Andy Ludwik
You have a true skill amazing craftsmanship displayed
Mark Morrissey
Paul Walkers Porsche...

Arthur : Hold my beer
Emrah Bardakçı
Bravo Arthur 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
You have good job, I like you conguralations Arthur.
I have to come to your side and get training 😊
pattiboy channel
Hi Aurther.
How long does it take to do a repair like this.
Fantastic job.
Ricardo Pope
Arthur you are a boss. Certainly some of the best repair jobs I have ever seen. I would love to have you work on my cars
RamVan Bobby
Wow u do amazing work your gifted
Jadid Mo.
Arture you're professional I hope one day I'll be like you Thanks for everything
You are a very talented guy, you do great repair work.
Carlos Sanderson Castillo
You do miracles. Nice job. I enjoy watching your videos
захар пупуин
терминатор в гробу перевернулся от такого видео .... нов любом случае спасибо за информацию
Arthur your work is extraodinary, my family owns a bodyshop in PA, USA and this car would have been a total loss 3 times over. Your skills are top of the line and there are not many guys left like you. If you ever considered moving to the states you'd be hired by our shop in a second. Keep up the amazing work.
DNY Motorsports
I respect the work and craftsmanship but Damn that's a lot of work to save a 4 series....
Fascinating, very solid work right there!
Seckin Kocak
Congratulations from the Turkey. You're unbelievable🕴👏👏👏
Rude Dogg
As bad as some of the cars Arthur fixes look, makes me wonder how messed up those donor cars must be
Reuben Matthias
King Arthur a master at his trade. Great watching your work from Australia
Вовус Маляриус
лайчик полюбому ставлю за труды!!)
gato krrillo
Congratulations, i am very impressed with your Job , as we say here in México, you are very chingón
givo Neam
Perfect fix....very good ...thanks for the video
Incredible! Most amazing body work I've ever seen!
Reezy 7
i wait for repair bugatti or Lamborghini, Arthur can be fixed its magic
Furkan Aktaş
boyasız göçük yaptırdım 150 tuttu
-Ice King-
Hmm. End of the day bmw still sucks hahahaha (*enter triggered German*)
John Paid
Thanks Mr Tussik . You are motivation to us. From Memphis Tennessee USA
Aaron Unknown
Car was a mess, can't believe your skills, awesome job!
good job, but i never drive this car haha
ferdi himawan
I'm pretty sure the first car that you'd fixes is a lada
Karuna Premalal W.A.
Rusununguko Rwokutaura
пиздец это полный пиздец
henrique malaguti
Parabéns! Seu trabalho é de um artista. Continue assim.
yusuf yusuf
Dostum sen türkiye gel.Senin aylığın 3000 dolar.
Knight Rider
Handmade BMW now made in Russia ..... fantastic
TheDonkeyworks Garage
I cannot stop watching these videos. The magic that comes out of them is amazing!
Sebastian Denenfeld
I love your work,im from Poland!
Amazing!! You are a master of your craft!!
Christian S
Respekt für die gute Arbeit, aber ich würde so ein Auto nicht mehr fahren wollen
Marcin Zawiasa
Super dokładna robota.Pozdrowienia z Polski Poznań
IceCreamMan Tegotypu
Arthur you are the king of cars i am your fan from Germany
J. Janorama
If i cound do only 50% from you i will be Master.👍👍👍
Javlonbek Urazniyazov
Это шедевр Отец!! У тебя золотые руки, дай бог здоровье вам
Golden Child
Wow, incredible skill!
Алексей Муратов
Ну что сказать !) в голову это не влазит ! Артур по ходу какой-то инопланетянин . Люди такого не делают !))
To bring this car back on road, 7 others must die.